Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photo Gallery: Palm Sunday 2013 - "I Will Be a Remedy for Violence!"

Photos from the Remedy for Violence event on Palm Sunday (March 24), 2013!

"H O S A N N A !"
Pastor Bruce Ray of Kimball Avenue Church welcomes
participants to the gathering.
"I will be a remedy for violence!"
Pastor Bruce, Pastor Erik Christensen of St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square,
and St. Luke's members Jessica Schimpff, Will Storm (seminarian), and Noel Spain.

Lori Crowder, Executive Director of the Alliance of Local
Service Organizations (ALSO), with Jennifer De Leon.

"Tu vida es mi vida!"
Members of Humboldt Park United Methodist and their signs.
Master of Ceremonies Andy Willis (r), a member of Kimball Avenue Church,
introduces Pastor Ramon Nieves, of Humboldt Park United Methodist Church
(on his right). A member of the ALSO/Ceasefire team holds up Andy's original
poster art for the event, together with a Ceasefire "STOP. Killing. People." poster.
To Pastor Ramon's right is Jennifer Leon from Lutheran Social Services, who
assisted with English-Spanish translation throughout the event.
Participants signed a banner reading "I will be a remedy for violence" and
"Yo sere un remedio a la violencia!" The banner will be carried by
community members in ALSO's June 8 Walk for Justice.

Pastor Ramon Nieves provides an interview for the Univision coverage of the event.
The Remedy for Violence team gratefully acknowledges "FJJ" for supplying the images in this photo gallery!

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